• Check out movies from GRPL or KDL. Save $1.50/wk vs RedBox. 52 wks = $78/yr
  • Kids Eat Free @ 616 Sports Lounge, Mon & Tues. Save $4.99 per meal. 1 time per month x 12 mths = $59.88/yr.
  • If you live in the city of GR, recycle everything that you can! It’s free. 96 gallon trash dump is $7.15 per dump. 96 gallon recycle cart is free. Saving $7.15 x 26 weeks = $185.90/yr; 52 weeks = $371.80.
  • Use your garbage disposal instead of throwing food in the trash. Save about 1 bag per month = approx. $1.50 month x 12 mths = $18/yr.
  • Children’s Museum: Thursday Family Night is $1.75 per person; EBT Card discount is $1.75. Regular fee is $8.50. Save $6.75 x 2 people = $13.50 x 12 months = $162/yr.
  • Purchase refurbished computer hardware from CompRenew.
  • Go to Kent County Tax Credit Coalition for free tax preparation at Volunteer Income Tax Assistance or AARP sites.
  • Use the envelope system – give (10%), save (10%), and spend (80%). This doesn’t account for long-term investing.
  • LMCU Max Checking pays 3% each month if you have direct deposit, use your debit card 10 times, and check your online banking 4 times per month. On a $1,000 balance, that is $30/year.
  • Instead of going to payday lenders, sell unwanted household items on Facebook groups: Grand Rapids MI Garage Sale; Grand Rapids Online Garage Sale; or Kentwood Online Garage Sale.
  • Home Repair Services Fix-It School. Save money on household repairs by learning to do it yourself.
Stores in Grand Rapids where you can save money on clothing

Save money on your travel by taking the following transportations in Grand Rapids

  • Savings/ Checking Account Deals
  • Baxter Community Center – In collaboration with the Kent County Tax Credit Coalition and AARP, Baxter’s Marketplace offers a Free Tax Preparation Program to low-income families and individuals in Kent County. Thousands of volunteer hours make this service possible.
    • Free Tax Preparation Program
    • TRUTH Card – A New Way to Pay
      • The Truth Card lets you do all the spending you normally do–like paying bills[1] or shopping in stores and online.
      • There’s no credit check,[2] no activation fee, and no minimum balance.
      • Give back to yourself with The Truth Card via the rewards program.
      • Earn Cash Back – Choose Payback Rewards offers and receive cash back from many of your everyday purchases.
      • Savings Account – Set aside money by enrolling in the optional tiered-rate Savings Account.
  • Baxter Center
    • Dental Care[Click Here] – Baxter’s Community Dental Office offers high-quality dental care for those that might otherwise be unable to afford it. Services are exclusive to those without any form of dental insurance (including Medicaid/Medicare). Baxter’s Dental offers examinations, cleanings, fillings, extractions, and X-rays.

1115 Alto Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507