Who We Are

Project GREEN (Grassroots Economic Empowerment Network) empowers financial capability in our community and implements advocacy initiatives that tear down systemic barriers to economic success.

Our Vision

Turning everyday people into money heroes. We define a money hero as someone who is pursuing their own financial goals and helping others to do the same.

Our Mission

Helping families rewrite their financial legacy. We move consumers away from asset-reducing products and practices – like payday lending – and toward asset-building tools and life-changing financial education.
of Americans who make less than $100K annually live paycheck to paycheck
of Americans are unable to pay a $400 emergency expense
of American households have credit card debt

Why We Serve

Financial Capability

No matter how much you earn, if you’re not managing your money well, you’re headed for trouble. Half of us aren’t saving enough for retirement or prepared for those “life happens” emergencies. However, it’s never too early, or late, to take back control and thrive!

Fair Lending

Did you know that 48% of Americans cannot handle a $400 emergency with cash on hand or with a credit card they can pay off the next month? In those situations, too many people turn to payday loans.


You have the power to change systems! We just want to encourage you to use it. And, we will stand with you as you do. That’s what advocacy is. Project GREEN stands with our fellow citizens to remove barriers that keep them from reaching their financial goals.

How We Serve

We teach financial education workshops, facilitate financial empowerment programs, and partner with local agencies to advocate for economic justice. We empower those we serve to build a successful financial legacy for present and future generations, both in dollars and in wisdom.

Our service to the community is based on four priorities:

Awareness, Alternatives, Asset-Building, and Advocacy


Raise awareness on dangers of payday lending; increase financial capabilities through direct service resources.

Money Talk Workshops

Are you ready to get your money right? Whether you’re new to managing your finances or need a refresher to get back on track, our flagship workshop gives you all the right tools to build financial success.

Credit Building 101

Does deciphering your credit reports and scores make you roll your eyes? It’s time to master credit reports and scores, and start building your credit as an asset!


Redirect short-term lending from predatory lending to fair options.

Pay-It-Forward for Churches

PIF is a repayable gift initiative, designed to equip churches to use their benevolence program in a unique and powerful way.


Move Kent County households from asset-reducing to asset-building products & practices.

500 Strong Savings Initiative

We want to help 500 individuals in Kent County save $500 to start an emergency fund.


Remove systemic economic barriers and increase consumer protections.

Rent Reporting for Credit Building

Supports mission-driven, affordable housing providers who want to help their residents build strong credit profiles and offer them a positive incentive for on-time rent payments.

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