Child Support for Credit Building

Did you know that on-time child support payments can help build your credit score? Most people did not know. Project GREEN is working to change that!

Since 1982, the State of Michigan’s Friend of the Court policy has allowed a non-custodial parent to request on-time child support payments to be reported to at least one major credit bureau. Project GREEN is raising awareness about this policy as a consumer advocacy organization. We want to see as many people take advantage of this as possible, so we are creating a process for making the request easier. Non-custodial parents who leverage this service as a credit-building opportunity can achieve lower interest rates, lower insurance premiums, and move toward the dream of home ownership.

There are great reasons that any non-custodial parent in Michigan should submit our form for child support payment reporting through Project GREEN. Once we receive your form, we will forward it directly to the appropriate Friend of the Court who manages your case.

*Note: We are not directly working for or with Friend of the Court. However, the Kent County Friend of the Court is familiar with and supportive of our initiative.

Here's what you stand to gain:

  • Your credit scores will increase with on-time child support payments
  • You’ll save money by achieving lower interest rates on installment and revolving credit tools
  • Higher credit scores mean lower premiums on auto and renter’s insurance
  • You’ll build the credit file needed to achieve the dream of home ownership

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