Rent Reporting for Credit Building

Project GREEN’s Rent Reporting for Credit Building (RRCB) service supports mission-driven, affordable housing providers who want to help their residents build strong credit profiles and offer them a positive incentive for on-time rent payments. Through RRCB, property management reports tenants’ monthly rent payments to the major credit bureaus. Tenants who leverage this service as a credit building opportunity can achieve lower interest rates, lower insurance premiums, and move toward the dream of home ownership. Tenants who participate in RRCB often see their credit scores increase by 10-20 points instantly during their first reporting month!

Click here to see Project GREEN’s Rent Reporting initiative in action with our community partner, Dwelling Place.

There are great reasons why you, a responsible tenant, should rally your property manager for rent reporting through Project GREEN,

Here's what you stand to gain:

  • Your credit scores will Increase with on-time rent payments
  • You’ll save money by achieving lower interest rates on installment and revolving credit tools
  • Higher credit scores mean lower premiums on auto and renter’s insurance
  • You’ll build the credit file needed to achieve the dream of home ownership