Bobbie Locke

Director of Operations

After over 25 years as a consumer products business unit and marketing executive, Bobbie Locke made the life-changing decision to go from “making a profit” to “making a difference” and launched a new career in the nonprofit sector. She joined Project GREEN in July 2020. As of November 2022, she now fuels our community impact by empowering organizational excellence: leading operations, strategic planning, finance, and human resources. Her passion for Project GREEN’s mission stems from her personal financial journey, her heart for economic and social justice, and the joy she receives from seeing people WIN. Originally from Grand Rapids, MI, Bobbie holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Davenport University. She also serves on the board of directors of Fig & Friends Pet Rescue. She’s a jazz singer/musician, Dog Mom, the youngest of seven siblings, and ‘chief cooking enthusiast’ in Bobbie Jay’s Kitchen.