Financial Capabilities Director

Kim Starks is a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan and has a heart for business, ministry, and entrepreneurship. As financial capabilities director at Project GREEN, her mandate is to reach, teach, train, and equip Money Heroes who will produce generational wealth and impact communities across the globe.

Administrative & Social Media Coordinator

Branden Sumerix has been working with nonprofits to coordinate fundraising efforts since 2012. Since joining Project GREEN in 2021, Branden has implemented a new social media strategy and new software systems to manage data and projects for the organization.

Director of Operations

After over 25 years as a consumer products brand marketing/product development executive and business growth consultant, Bobbie Locke made the life-changing decision to go from “making a profit” to “making a difference,” and launched a new career in the nonprofit sector.

Advocacy Director

Stephanie has a longstanding devotion to community service. She joined Project GREEN in November 2016 as a GFA and became our Advocacy Director in September 2019. She is also passionate about facilitating fair housing for all in Greater Grand Rapids communities.

Executive Director/Founder

Since 2001, Lenear has been passionate about serving his community in the area of economic empowerment. In 2019, he launched Project GREEN to live out this vision with like-minded individuals, churches, and community organizations in Kent County and the state of Michigan.