dfree 12 Steps to Financial Freedom

The dfree® Academy 12 Steps to Financial Freedom is our life-changing, flagship financial education program.
Our goal is to help participants experience a dramatic lifestyle transformation to help them leverage their money
and reach their life’s goals.

The curriculum is taught in four distinct sections: Get Started, Get Control, Get Ahead, and Give Back.
In these lessons, participants learn how to:

  • Manage personal finances, save money, invest money, and plan for retirement
  • Become well equipped with practical approaches and values-based principles
  • Find and maintain financial freedom so they can focus on their life’s purpose
  • Say “Yes” to no debt!

Best of all, the dfree Academy 12 Steps are offered in both online/on-demand and facilitated platforms, giving
participants a convenient way to take courses that equip and propel them toward financial freedom.